Swap it

Swap It is an amazing new game based on colors and hexagons.

The goal is to move the colors around the hexagons following two simple rules.

1. Swap the colors by touching the bar between them
2. Align the same color on opposite corners.

When colors are aligned the axis between them are lit.
When all axis are lit the level is completed.

Of course if you make less swaps your performance is better.
Make the minimum number of swaps possible to get the perfect score.

Finished levels are indicated with a check mark.
Perfect levels are indicated with a star.

• fixed colors are indicated with a surrounding colored ring
• blocked colors are seen through a grid
• up to 30 different setup for the hexagons
• keeps track of the finished levels
• keeps track of your perfect levels
• keeps your best swaps per level
• up to 720 levels