Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs is the new Bangless application
*** First maze game based on real 3D model on the App Store ***

Welcome to Dragon Egg - 3D Maze!

Long time ago Goblins hided the Dragon’s eggs inside their labyrinths to keep them safe awaiting better times. Now hatching is coming and after many generations the Goblins have to give back to the dragons the precious hidden eggs. You, as a Goblin, have a mission.

Find the exit from the inside of a real 3D maze and collect the Dragon’s eggs to unlock the next levels. Lose yourself in the labyrinth filled with unexpected objects and, if you dare,  find the exit of a 900 cells maze. Challenge your sense of direction!

Main features:

- Get a randomly generated maze each time you select a level
- Tap to move / Swipe to look around
- 5 different worlds in 6 different maze sizes (5x5 to 30x30)
- Use the map to find your way (Starting upper-left, exit lower-right)
- Use the magic stick when lit to show the way out

Unlike many games you can play a level ever and ever and since it is randomly generated you do not get more clue by playing it again. Only your skills improve.